The Team

WMP has closed over 560 individual deals since 2002, making it one of the most experienced wholly-owned independents.  Whirled Music Publishing, Inc. is led by executive founders David Hilker and Jeff Freundlich. The duo has made a priority to avoid major market music industry group think. This has allowed them to create and uncover unique opportunities across all aspects of acquisition, asset management, administration, and exploitation of non-performing and under-performing music copyrights. Contact Us.


David Hilker, CEO

David launched his lifelong music career as a teenager and now offers vast experience encompassing virtually all aspects of the music business. He founded indie label Fervor Records in 1989, followed by the launch of Wild Whirled Recording studio in 1991. In 2002 he co-founded Whirled Music Publishing, Inc. Hilker has forged an independent path to success by merging his musical background and business expertise with visionary, unconventional thinking. Visit the Fervor Records website to explore more of the company’s accomplishments under Hilker’s executive leadership.


Jeff Freundlich, COO

A native of New York City, Jeff graduated Cum Laude from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. Following gigs at EMI Records, tech startup Net2Phone, and consulting giant Accenture, Jeff co-founded Whirled Music Publishing, Inc. in 2002. His focused and charismatic leadership style has propelled the company to international prominence in the film, television, and advertising industries. Visit the Fervor Records website to explore more of the company’s accomplishments under Freundlich’s executive leadership.


Christy Spencer, VP Publishing & Rights Administration

A lifelong lover of music and a patron of the arts, Christy Spencer is Fervor Records’ VP of Publishing & Administration. Tracking all royalties and revenue streams across the WMP landscape, her roles include acquisitions and rights administration, asset management, and b2b distribution. Christy attended Grand Canyon University where she earned a BA in Music. She resides in Salem, Oregon with her family where they write, hike, and just have fun together.


Jacob Nathan, Creative Director A&R

Jacob Nathan has worked in the Film & Television industry for over a decade with a strong background in music supervision. Jacob has researched and cleared countless copyrights as well as creatively collaborated on projects that run the gamut – from global ad campaigns to independent films, hit network television shows, and award-winning blockbuster films. As the Creative Director of A&R for Fervor Records, a division of Whirled Music Publishing, Inc., Jacob has been instrumental in the acquisition of a wide array of music and actively scours the globe for hidden sonic treasures. Mr. Nathan holds a degree in History of Art from the University of Michigan.


D.R. Wilke, Staff Engineer

D.R. Wilke is a lifelong musician and songwriter. He studied multiple string and wind instruments, along with music theory, quickly gravitating towards the allure of Rock n’ Roll. The multi-talented tour de force soon added recording engineer and producer to his overflowing bag of tricks. Wilke’s talents converged in the late 70s with his Power Pop/New Wave outfit Blue Shoes. His recordings of his brilliant Pop songs lit up FM airwaves, TV sets and concert stages throughout the Southwest. The band’s legacy lives on with continued film and television placements. Performing, writing, and arranging have occupied much of Wilke’s time, in tandem with managing recording studios. D.R. Wilke is now the Senior Staff Engineer for Fervor Records where his tasks include recording, mixing, mastering, transferring and restoring audio.


Thomas Bowen, Manager: Retail and Public Relations

A multi-instrumentalist, Bowen completed studies in Audio Production and Engineering at The Audio Institute of America in San Francisco, CA. Thomas spent six years in vocational ministry and public relations before opening a production studio in Virginia. Bowen relocated to Phoenix, AZ in 2017 where his varied background in music, production and PR converged into an ideal fit for Fervor Records.

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